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Back Up Strategies for Small Businesses

Sadly, the majority of small businesses lack solid back up strategies. Even more chilling, loss of data because of hackers, errors, or even physical threats will commonly lead to small business failures.

For instance:

  • A recent report from the Singapore government found that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to such cyber threats as ransomware, unauthorized network access, website defacement, and compromised accounts.
  • Other threats to small business data security in Singapore include fires, storms, employee errors, and even outdated or poorly maintained physical storage.
  • Studies have found that these kinds of data disasters force up to 25 percent of impacted small companies out of business within a year.
  • Furthermore, nine out of ten companies that can’t recover within only  five days will fail.

Most businesses can’t afford to wait five days for data recovery, and many will suffer if they even have to wait five hours for critical systems. Of course, poor or even nonexistent recovery strategies are a worldwide problem. If business owners aren’t certain if one ransomware attachment, malicious act, windstorm, accidental deletion, or fire could destroy their operation, it’s time for them to develop an effective and tested software and data back up strategy. Prudent business owners seek expert help to create and implement rapid, effective, and affordable back up strategies.

Small Business Software and Data Back Up Strategies

Many businesses believe they have addressed back up and recovery strategies, but they still rely upon outdated and even worse, untested solutions. For instance, storing recovery data upon onsite, external drives or tapes can lead to disappointing results for a number of reasons:

  • The device and data were never tested to ensure they truly provide everything needed for timely and comprehensive recovery.
  • The device resides upon the same network as other office computers, so it may be prone to the same malware that impacted the main system.
  • The device resides in the same physical location as the rest of the business, so it may be damaged or inaccessible because of a storm, fire, or other physical threat.
  • Tapes and external drives can cost a lot to store and may eventually deteriorate over time.

Alternatively, cloud storage and a third-party back up provider can offer small businesses more security because the actual storage is in a different location and not always connected to the business network. The provider will work with the business to ensure that they have an automatic system to create timely backups and rapid recovery.  Moreover, the recovery provider will invest in maintained and modern hardware.

Small Business Back Up Planning

Cloud back up providers take responsibility for IT infrastructure costs, storage, and maintenance. A cloud storage comparison to older back up method should yield such benefits as speed, reliability, simplicity, and business-friendly costs. The small business doesn’t need to employ data recovery experts because they can rely upon their provider to analyze their unique business needs and suggest the best solutions.

Back up plans can include such important features as scheduling. For instance, a business may require frequent backups of some high-activity data but less frequent updates for more static assets. Also, each business stores data with different values and priorities. The specialist may suggest the cheapest cloud storage for non-critical archives and somewhat costlier solutions for critical data that a business absolutely needs to run. The specialists can help each company find the perfect balance between information security, performance, and storage costs.

Work With Us to Create an Effective Back Up Plan

At Wincom, we provide our customers with the advanced technology and expertise to make sure that your business can recover fast in case of accidents, malicious actions, physical damage, and other hazards to data security. We also take the time to understand your business needs and goals to provide you with solutions that will fit today’s budget but still give you the option to scale as your company grows. Our cloud storage back up solutions can work with all sorts of architecture, including Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Contact Wincom today to get started.

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