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5 Potential IT Problems Every Small Business Must Avoid

Most small businesses know they’re never going to match the IT infrastructure of their conglomerate counterparts. Business owners may divert funds to more direct needs because they know they can’t compete. However, just because your business isn’t a household name doesn’t mean you can skate by with inferior technology. In fact, you may need to be more conscientious of how you manage your IT because you won’t have an unlimited stash of resources to protect yourself against a disaster.  

Downtime from Random Issues

Issues pop up constantly for small businesses: your provider has a problem, the power cuts out, a server unexpectedly dies. If you accept these acts of randomness as just another hazard of doing business though, you’re losing far more than the face value of the downtime. From crashed files to website disruption, you compromise both your data and your income. You can’t predict the future, but you can plan ahead. Having a disaster recovery plan and suitable backup reduces the expenses and hassle that result from an unexpected event.

Cyber Security Risks

Cyber threats are as sophisticated as the software they’re meant to attack, but they’re not always perpetrated by master coders. If your network can’t defend itself from malware, viruses, and ransomware, you’re leaving your small business open to a devastating takeover. Breaches can occur anytime, anywhere. They may occur from hackers within Singapore or halfway around the world. The media has taught us that even big businesses and government organizations aren’t immune.  It’s why small businesses need to be especially vigilant.

Expensive Repairs and Security Costs

Piggybacking off the first two issues, old technology can cost a pretty penny to maintain. And if you do sustain a network security attack, the expense can get out of control quickly. Just one ransomware breach can be devastating enough to drain your finances, but don’t expect the police to be much help. Similarly, if your tech is old, you’re liable to spend more time and money repairing your systems than you would by replacing them with a more modern solution.

Lack of IT Skills

If you don’t have an action plan in place at the time of an IT issue, you can end up facing serious consequences. Maybe your orders aren’t filtering correctly, but you can’t figure out why. Maybe you’re using complex workarounds in processing that are wasting everyone’s time. In-house IT teams are expensive, but skimping on your IT can’t be an option either. If you can’t solve a problem quickly, you’ll waste unnecessary time, energy, and money trying to pinpoint the problem. The longer it goes on, the more expensive it will be.

Delayed Problem Resolution

Whether you’re scaling your business or accounting for financial discrepancies, inferior IT will stand in the way of problem resolution. If it persists, you’ll sacrifice the whole company’s efficiency and open the door to untold frustrations. Everyone knows what it’s like to wish their tech could do more, but business owners don’t have the luxury of remaining idle. They need to make smart decisions so they can set themselves up for success. If you want to make your big-picture dreams come true, then you can’t afford to delay a solution just because you don’t want to invest in IT.

Wincom IT Services provides PC security, data back up, and general network services to small businesses who don’t want to take the risk. The above IT problems are so common that it’s easy to dismiss their effects — especially if they don’t seem to pose an immediate threat. But small, consistent problems are a sign of an unsustainable IT infrastructure. Before they go on any longer, call us today to learn more about how we can help.

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