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Top Five Critical Security Breach Prevention Tips Your Business Should Follow Today


If the words, “security breach” don’t make you nervous, you need to rethink your risk. Cyber threats and other nefarious schemes to steal data can pose one of the biggest hazards to your business.

Regardless of your business size, a security breach can be devastating. According to the most recent data, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Even more troubling is the fact that 60% of small companies won’t bounce back from a cyber attack — they wind up going out of business within six months.

There should be no doubt that security is a priority for any business that wants to succeed. If you’re not in the technology industry and don’t have an IT department, it can be difficult to ascertain the right measures to take immediately.

Five Tips Your Business Can Follow Today to Protect Your Cyber Security

These five tips won’t stem every possible attack, but they will help you begin to build a better protocol toward ongoing security.

  1. Assess Your Risk of Cyber Attack. If you’ve been hoping that your company is too small to be attacked, the statistics don’t support that strategy. Too many companies stick their heads in the sand, hoping they will never become victims. That makes them more vulnerable because there’s no plan in place to stop an attack or mitigate the damages if an attack does occur. Your first step to building a more secure cyber protocol is in assessing your risk of attack and thoroughly evaluating your current procedures where data is concerned. You can do this in-house but it’s often better to hire an outside expert who can thoroughly evaluate your systems. An outside expert can point out things that you might not be aware of and help develop a better plan of action.
  2. Educate and Train Staff. Hackers aren’t usually evil geniuses. They obtain access through human error more often than any other method. The good news is that proper training will help your staff to avoid common mistakes that leave the doors to your data wide open. Some common employee errors include not changing passwords, not using sophisticated enough passwords, leaving terminals open without a password login, and clicking on links they shouldn’t open.
  3. Set Company Wide Protocols for Security. Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. Training employees so that they understand proper security measures is a good first step but mandating proper procedures will go a lot further to protect your interest. If the workflow is set to make safety a priority, new employees will learn these steps as part of the process.
  4. Update Software Often. Software companies often provide updates which strengthen the security of your system. If you don’t update the software, your system is still vulnerable to known attacks that can be prevented. Updating software is an easy step that every company can complete regularly.
  5. Make Sure You’re Aware of All Personal Devices. One way that hackers are targeting companies is through their employees’ personal devices. Your company can make it mandatory to only use work devices for professional correspondence. This might necessitate offering work mobile devices or iPads but it’s a step that’s worth the investment. Your employees won’t have the same cyber security measures and software in place on their personal devices, making them an easy target for access and loss of data.

Are You Interested in Securing Your Business From Cyber Threats?

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